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Funk Fantasy

Funk Fantasy

for 3 bassoons

This composition was commissioned as an encore number in the final concert of the Ghent Bassoon Festival 2014. Although it sounds as a playful composition, the work is written for very virtuoso bassoon players (Pieter Nuytten, Philipp Tutzer and Simon Van Holen). The used multiphonics were examined in co-operation with the musicians during the composition process.

Funk Fantasy refers to fusion jazz concerts where different styles are mixed, more specifically the combination of typical funk rhythms and irregular bar changes. The listener will centrainly recognize the ‘funky’ elements, like the sound of snapping fingers and repetitive rhythm, but will also be surprised by its irregularity.

Funk Fantasy
Philipp Tützer, Simon Van Holen and Pieter Nuytten - Bassoons

6 minutes
  • 3 Bassoons
Commissioned by
Ghent Bassoon Festival 2014


Conservatorium, Ghent, Miryzaal
Pieter Nuytten, Philipp Tutzer, Simon Van Holen