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for flute solo

In this solo piece I wanted to use the opportunity to utilize a virtuoso style of writing, without the need to consider the limitations that exist when composing for an ensemble or an orchestra. This Capriccio confronts the flute player with the extremes of the instrumental tessitura, challenged by complex rhythms. Virtuoso solo music is only appealing to me if freedom and capriciousness is created, which conveys the illusion that the soloist is improvising although each nuance has been figured out in the smallest detail.

The resulting music in this Capriccio is quite unpredictable, very often consisting of multiple layers, expressed in swift alternations of extreme tessitures. (The Italian word 'capriccio' means 'whim'). The music continuously evolves and swarms with surprising, jazzy riffs and whimsical gestures one can also experience when listening to jazz-soloists.

However, the difference with a real jazz-solo is that in this Capriccio one cannot improvise as its compository foundations are far too complex. For the audience this complexity does not matter; for the listener the only thing that counts is experiencing capricious, seemingly improvised organic music.

7 minutes
  • Flute Solo

Transcriptie van Capriccio voor hobo solo